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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tahiti 80 - Wallpaper For The Soul (2002)

Back in January of this year, comedian/musician Reggie Watts (@reggiewatts) tweeted: "I've forgotten how transportive Tahiti 80's Wallpaper For The Soul is! A perfect album for happiness."  I had never even heard of the band, but with a recommendation like that, how could I not give it a chance?  After streaming some samples, I quickly picked up a cheap copy on eBay.  Turns out Reggie was right (btw, if you're not familiar with Reggie and his work, you should be and you should probably get out more).  Anyhoo, this French band puts out some fantastic retro-sounding pop music with plenty of analog sonic pleasures to go around.  They must have grown up listening to the same music I did.  There's lots of disco and new wave influences on the solid downtempo pop songwriting.  The folks over at metacritic rate it at 71, with the best quote coming from a review on the old playlouder website: "You've heard all this before, but it still sounds glorious".  Sure, the music is lightweight and the singer's voice isn't strong, but I'm glad I was led to this music; it's been on heavy rotation in my truck and on my headphones for the past few months.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: Did not chart

Tracks: I don't skip any of the 12 tracks, but lately my favorite songs on this disc have been 1000 Times, Get Yourself Together, Soul Deep, and The Train.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: Other than the story above about Reggie's recommendation, none.

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