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Friday, January 11, 2013

Bryan Adams - Cuts Like A Knife (1983)

Note: this release was originally purchased as a cassette tape, later replaced by a CD.

I'm not a Bryan Adams fan, but I had this tape back in high school, so it brings back memories of those times.  1983 being MTV's heyday, I bought this cassette solely on the strength of the video for the song Cuts Like A Knife.  Rolling Stone magazine gave it a 2 star review, which is fairly accurate as there's only 4 good tracks out of the 10 here.  Still, the album was a commercial success and sold over 2 million copies worldwide, so I'm sure Adams could care less what a blogger has to say about it, particularly 30 years after the fact.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: #8
Peak on Cash Box album chart: #12

Tracks:  For me, the highlight of the album is This Time, closely followed by the title cut.  In fact, I think the title track should have been the first track.  I'm not a big power ballad guy, but Straight From The Heart isn't as bad as most power ballads (it was also the biggest hit from this album).  Still, I think the better attempt at a ballad is the simple, final track, The Best Was Yet Come.  As for the other 6 tracks, they're shamelessly derivative. I always thought Take Me Back was a failed attempt at sounding like the Rolling Stones, but I do like the Foreigner knock-off, I'm Ready.  Let Him Know lifts directly from the Ronettes.  Most of the other tracks sound like Mellencamp (or was he still Cougar back then?). 

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: My cassette copy mostly got played in the Markmobile as I drove to and from a minimum wage job at Burger King.  I mainly stuck with side one (tracks 1-5), but side two got played every now and then.

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  1. As a Canadian, (and a Kingstonian) (Bryan Adam's birth city) I think it's an unwritten rule that I'm supposed to be a Bryan Adams fan. Sadly, I'm not. I mean, he seems like a nice, upstanding guy n'all, but I've always found B.A. to be mediocre mom-rock. I own one album: Waking Up the Neighbours, which I purchased for the song "Thought I'd Died and Gone to Heaven" - not "Everything I Do". And one single: the largely-panned "Cloud #9" which I bought for the Chicane remix that was a clear-departure from anything I'd ever heard remotely resembling Bryan Adams style.
    My memories of "Cuts Like a Knife" are closely tied to occassions I would feel compelled to turn off the radio just to get away from his phlegm-gravel-sandpaper voice. I've since grown-out of that disdain but find him uninspiring and uninspired.