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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kirk Whalum - Floppy Disk (1985)

Note: this release was originally purchased as a LP, later replaced by a CD.

Remember those 5 1/4 inch floppy discs like the ones on the album cover? That seems like ages ago. Then we went to 3 1/2 inch discs, then flash drives, now clouds. But I digress.

I first heard Whalum on Bob James' 1984 album, 12. This is his solo debut and it's not great, but it certainly isn't bad. It's enjoyable smooth jazz and Whalum sounds a lot like Grover Washington, Jr. here. The production sounds terribly dated now, but the Linn Drum and other synth programming was cutting edge in jazz back then. It's fun to listen to this now not only because it brings back good memories from my college years, but also because you can now hear how far Whalum has come as a musician, particularly as a composer, since this recording. Bob James' hand is all over this record, but he didn't tackle any of the writing duties. Last year, Whalum released a tribute album to Donny Hathaway. That's sounds like something I should check out.

Tracks: My favorite is Rodeo, followed by Time I Learned, but Kyle's Smiles and Afterthought are also good in a mid-'80s drum machine kind of way. The title track is a 7 minute mess and best avoided.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD (written while wearing a SEG): I won't go into too many embarrassing details, but once around 1987, I was sleep deprived and not thinking straight (fairly common for college students) and I listened to side one of this album and the music put me in a good mood. Maybe giddy or punch drunk would be better descriptions. In any case, I left the house thinking I could do something that was impossible. Long story short: things got messy, but everything worked out in the long run. ;)

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