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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Various Artists - Global Grooves : Remixes (1997)

Before I started this CD project, I had no idea that all I listened to in 1997 was dance music. I guess I had just entered my 30's and didn't want to leave my youth behind. I was also heavily influenced by a very good friend who had recently come out of the closet and openly embraced gay culture. After all, this is a CD with a dance remix of a Cher tune - admittedly not the most masculine disc in my collection. Since the sound is so dated and more than half the remixes are sub-par, I'm guessing I haven't listened to this CD in at least 10 years.

  • Sex (I'm A...) (Ventura Club Mix) - Berlin: in the early '80s, I would have to listen to this naughty song away from the parents. The remix is good, but I prefer the original.
  • The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) (The Crush Mix) - Cher: more than a remix, this dance track gets a complete harmonic makeover and it blows away the original. Even though it is obviously a product of the late '90s, it's still one of the better cuts on the disc. Wasn't Cher's version originally from her Mermaids movie?
  • Stay (The Anticipation Mix) - Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories: Loeb got a lot of mileage out of her hit. Not a good remix.
  • Believe In Me (Vission/Lorimer Club Mix) - Raw Stylus: Raw Stylus was a short-lived, London-based group that straddled the line between acid jazz and dance music. This dance mix doesn't use enough of the original material for me to enjoy. It's more of an original dance tune that sparsely samples the source material.
  • Lay Down Your Pain (BBG Better Place Mix) - Toni Childs: Childs never the got the attention she deserved. This is a good tune and the remix makes it better.
  • Love Him Anyway (David Morales Alt. Dub) - Sherree Ford-Payne: never heard of the artist or the song. After this listen, I probably won't hear it ever again.
  • No Frills Love (Moran Anthem Mix) - Jennifer Holliday: Wow. What a voice. Holliday can really belt it out. If not the best track on this release, it's certainly one of the top 3.
  • I Don't Know (Dekkard's Chilly Vocal Mix) - Noa: "Produced by Pat Metheny"?!? That's certainly not what I expected to read in the liner notes. Even so, there's not much to this song or the remix.
  • Queer (Heftybag Mix)- Garbage: Garbage's music all sounds the same to me and I can't tell the difference between an original tune and a remixed tune. Still, this isn't terribly painful to listen to.
  • Novocaine For The Soul (Dekkard's Feeling Dub) - Eels: A little darker than the other tracks. Better suited for a rave than a dance club.
  • Y.A.P. (Angels Hand Mix) - Young American Primitive: Give me 15 minutes and the latest version of GarageBand and I could top this. (I'm a member of ASCAP, ya know...)
Personal Memory Associated with this CD: I can't hear late '90s dance music and not think of Scott. He is missed.

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