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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Joe Carmouche - After Hours (1998)

A Houston-based jazz guitarist, Carmouche makes his debut here with a brief (30 minute, 8 track) CD, consisting mainly of covers. Carmouche seems to be very able musician, but the production isn't very good here. However, for smooth jazz background music, this is perfectly acceptable.

Tracks: Opening with Miles Davis' So What is a brave choice that backfires. Some of the other covers, like I'll Be Around, Feel Like Makin' Love, and Sweet Love, work well. The two original works don't particularly show a capacity for composing, but they don't make you want to skip the tracks. House Of Blues is seems very out-of-place on this disc.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: Around 1999 or 2000, Carmouche played a local jazz festival in Palacios. I didn't go, but somehow a free copy of this disc was handed to me. I really hadn't heard of Carmouche before. He used to play weekly in Houston at the now defunct Scott Gertner's SkyBar, but I don't know if he still plays at Gertner's new downtown club.

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