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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Various Artists - 80's/12" the extended collection (2008)

Argentinian import. This is a 2 disc compilation of remixes of '80s music. No liner notes whatsoever (what's up with that?). 12" singles were a staple in record stores in the '80s. I'm not sure my teenage sons would even know what a 12" single is. Just a second; I'll ask........ Nope, they have no idea what I'm talking about.

Tracks, CD 1:
  • Take On Me (Extended Version) - a-ha: this song is good, but not great, so an extended version is a little much.
  • Bizarre Love Triangle (Shep's Extended Dance Mix) - New Order: Already heard once during this project: See here. This is by far my favorite version of this classic.
  • Voyage Voyage (Extended Remix) - Desireless: had never heard this one before, but this French song was apparently huge in Europe around 1987. Like the song, but not the voice singing it.
  • Lips Like Sugar (12" Mix) - Echo & The Bunnymen: This is a fantastic song; I'm glad to have a copy of the extended mix.
  • Desire (Extended Version) - Gene Loves Jezebel: I could do without this minor hit from a British one hit wonder.
  • Roam (Remix) - The B-52's: I like this song, but this remix doesn't do it justice. Still, it's pretty good.
  • Ball of Confusion (12" UK Mix) - Love and Rockets: a fair cover of the Temptations 1970 hit. If you want to hear the definitive version of this song, check out Tina Turner's version on the 1982 album Music of Quality And Distinction Volume One, by the B.E.F. (to be revisited later on this blog.)
  • Hello Again (Remix Version) - The Cars: This is one of only two good songs on the Heartbreak City album (Magic is the other). Not a bad remix; it is representative of what was going on with remixes around that time.
  • The Safety Dance (Extended Club Mix) - Men Without Hats: S-s-s-s A-a-a-a F-f-f-f...etc. I think this song has become more popular lately than it was in the '80s. At 4:34, it's not much of an extended mix.
  • Go! (Club Mix) - Tones on Tail: I was never a fan of Bauhaus or Love and Rockets, so it figures that I wouldn't be wild about this group, either.
Tracks, CD 2:
  • In the Air Tonight (Extended Version) - Phil Collins: great song, great remix. This remix rivals the original. I remember hearing this remix on the radio when it was released as a single around 1988.
  • C'Est La Ouate (Extended Version) - Caroline Loeb: I was unfamiliar with this French gem, but it is a fun little pop song.
  • Kiss (Extended Version) - Prince: this remix is awesome, turning the song into an extended all-out funk jam, taking the already fantastic original mix up a notch.
  • Big in Japan (Extended Vocal) - Alphaville: Not a great song and the remix does nothing to help its cause.
  • Yeh Yeh (Dance Mix) - Matt Bianco: A nice technopop cover of a early '60s Latin soul song.
  • Major Tom (Coming Home) (Special Extended Club Version) - Peter Schilling: I never cared for this song, so an eight minute version is almost more than I can bear. Warning: includes gratuitous German lyrics.
  • Life In A Northern Town (Extended Version) - Dream Academy: This one of the better songs from winter '85-'86. A better remix is actually Dario G's Sunchyme from 1997.
  • Carmen (Revisited) - Anything Box: Never heard this song before hearing it here. Not much to it. And, according to Wikipedia (so take it for what it's worth), this is a 1990 song. How dare they include it here!
  • Owner of a Lonely Heart (Ben Liebrand Remix) - Yes: One of the better remixes on the disc. I never thought of this song as a dance tune, but it's transformed into one here.
  • Pump Up The Volume (USA 12") - M/A/R/R/S: Always liked this tune, but had never heard this remix. Still good after all these years.
Personal Memory Associated with this CD: I purchased this compilation in April 2010 as I was getting ready to drive to IAH to fly to Denver for a conference. I remember listening to the discs on the 2 hour drive home from the airport.

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