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Monday, January 3, 2011

Strauss - Till Eulenspiegels Lustige Strieche, Op. 28, & Ein Heldenleben, Op. 40 (1991)

I've never been a big fan of Strauss' tone poems. While parts of them are certainly soaring and beautiful (Strauss could write a Horn part, for sure!), and others are majestic with wonderful fanfares, they are just too fragmented for my taste. I'm sure if I put in some time and studied them, they would be more interesting, but for my casual listening, I'd just as soon listen to some of Strauss' contemporaries.

Tracks: Both tone poems are performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra conducted by Daniel Barenboim.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: This CD is more of a souvenir than something I regularly listen to. I heard the Chicago Symphony perform Ein Heldenleben in 1998 during a trip to Chicago for the annual Midwest clinic. My friend Eddie (one of the best musicians I know) went with me to Chicago and to the concert and we were just blown away at the experience of hearing the CSO perform at Symphony Center in Chicago. I had wanted such an experience since the mid-80's when I heard my first CSO recordings under the baton of Sir George Solti. Daniel Barenboim conducted the performance I heard live as well as the performance on this CD. I purchased this CD prior to the trip so I could familiarize myself with the music before going to the concert. A fantastic evening with great friend.

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