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Friday, January 14, 2011

Chuck Mangione - Feels So Good (1977)

Note: this release was originally purchased as a cassette tape, later replaced by a CD.

The title single from this release hit the top ten in June 1978. Later that same year, I began learning to play trumpet. In my 12 year old mind, that meant that I absolutely HAD to buy it (I believe it was the first pre-recorded cassette tape I ever purchased). I bought it that fall and listened to it over and over. So much that, even though it is an instrumental album, I could vocalize along with all the tracks. I eventually found a copy of the sheet music to the title track and was surprised to find that the song had optional vocals. Unfortunately, I can't find that sheet music now or I'd share some of the lyrics here.  (Update 23 Sept 2013: sheet music found! Lyrics below.)   To my youthful untrained ear, I thought Mangione was a great player, not realizing that he often missed attacks, played out of tune, and his tone is incredibly pinched in the upper register. Now, I hear all of that so I don't enjoy the music as much as I once did, but it still is a fun trip down memory land every now and then. I continued to purchase Mangione releases until I lost interest in 1983 after he released Journey to a Rainbow. I wish that his 1980 double-LP set titled Tarantella would be reissued on CD because I'd like to revisit that set. Of course, Mangione later became his own punch line on the animated series King of the Hill, becoming the mascot of the Mega Lo Mart in Arlen, Texas.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: #2
Peak on the Billboad Jazz LPs chart:#1
Peak on Cash Box album chart: #2

Tracks: I like the title track, Hide & Seek, Maui-Waui, and The XIth Commandment. I could do without the Theme from "Side Street". Back in the '70s, I didn't enjoy the ballad Last Dance, but I can appreciate it now.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: In the eighth grade, I participated in a carpool to school with other neighborhood kids. One of the mothers that drove us had this release on 8-track (ftw!) and was playing it in the car when I commented that I liked that song that was playing, entitled Maui-Waui. She told me that was a slang term for marijuana. I lost a little bit of my innocence that day.

Lyrics to Feels So Good:
There's no place for me to hide
the thoughts of all
the times I've cried and felt this pain
that I have known
because I need just to hear
that special something

And then one day
you just appeared
you said "Hello
let's make love along the way."
Your name is music to my heart
I'll always really love you

Feels so good when I'm with you
I can't believe you love me too
with you it feels like it should feel
feels so good

I'll trade my baseball cards for you
Now I can't believe that dreams come true
with you my smile sticks all the time
with you the sun will always shine

Feels so good when I'm with you
I can't believe you love me too
with you it feels like it should feel
feels so good

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