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Friday, December 10, 2010

They Might Be Giants - Why Does the Sun Shine? (The Sun Is a Mass of Incandescent Gas) (1993)

This could be called either a CD single or an EP. It contains 3 covers and 1 original piece.

  • Title track - a cover of a 1959 children's song. The song contains several factual errors about the sun. I think they later re-recorded a revised version that corrected the mistakes. This release foreshadowed their future releases of learning CDs aimed at a young audience.
  • Jessica - originally recorded by the Allman Brothers. This is the highlight of the CD.
  • Whirlpool - cover of a Meat Puppets tune.
  • Spy - derivative of '60s secret agent themes. Classic TMBG.
Personal Memory Associated with this CD: My friend Scott loved the title track and I can remember him singing it loudly.

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