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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Various Artists - Just Say New Wave (1996)

A Sony compilation of obscure New Wave songs from the late '70s and early '80s.

  • China - Red Rockers (1983): A great New Wave song. Could have been a hit with the right promotion.
  • Chamber of Hellos - Wire Train (1984): With bouncy synths, this sounds very typical of a New Wave piece, but doesn't warrant repeated listenings.
  • Never Say Never - Romeo Void (1982): One of the few songs on this compilation I'd heard before. Contains the classic lyric "I might like you better if we slept together." It also contains some horrid saxophone playing.
  • Der Kommissar - After the Fire (1982): The video for this song was on heavy rotation on MTV when it was released. I was never a fan.
  • Video Killed the Radio Star - Bruce Woolley and the Camera Club (1979): You've probably heard the Buggles' cover of this song, but this is the original. The two don't differ much, except that this version has guitar.
  • Computer Games - Mi-Sex (1979): Lots of synths and computer sounds, but not much melody. I'm sure it wasn't intended, but this track comes off as a novelty song.
  • Everywhere That I'm Not - Translator (1982): Without synths, this song seems out of place on this CD. This band sounds a lot like the Plimsouls.
  • Different Kind of Girl - The Beat (1979): Also known as Paul Collins Beat because there was a British ska band also known as the Beat at the time. That story of the band name is more interesting than this song.
  • Funky But Chic - David Johansen (1978): This song is not what I would consider New Wave. Wants to be a combination of disco and punk, I guess. It's really a rock and roll song with a disco bass line.
  • I Only Want to Be With You - The Tourists (1979): The Tourists would later morph into Eurythmics. This is a guitar-heavy straight ahead cover of the Dusty Springfield cover. Annie Lennox's vocals are strong, as always.
Personal Memory Associated with this CD: I bought this CD online just for the version of Video Killed the Radio Star, which I had never heard until I listened to it on this CD.

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