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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Christmas Music For Trumpet And Organ (1990)

Baroque music arranged for trumpet and organ. Not your typical Christmas release, to be certain. Mostly Bach along with a few contemporaries and students. Various organists perform while half the tracks feature Ludwig G├╝ttler on trumpet. Since the tunes aren't very familiar, this disc isn't a common request around here during the advent season.

Performances are good, but I'm disappointed the organ(s) and cathedral(s) aren't mentioned in the liner notes. I like that sort of minutia.

  1. Sleepers, Wake, The Voice Is Calling - Ludwig Krebs
  2. How Beautifully The Morning Star Shines - J. S. Bach
  3. Jesus Christ, Son Of God - Bach
  4. Sleepers, Wake, The Voice Is Calling - Bach
  5. Come Down From Heaven, Jesus - Bach
  6. Good Christian Men, Rejoice - Bach
  7. How Beautifully The Morning Star Shines - Georg Friedrich Kauffmann
  8. Voluntary - Sir Walter Galpin Alcock
  9. Glory to God In The Highest - Bach
  10. No Greater Love - Krebs
  11. I Come From Heaven - Bach
  12. German Christmas Concerto - Michel Corrette
The final track also features the "cornos da caccia" ("hunting horn") which could be described as a valveless French horn.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: None.

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