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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Various Artists - Billboard Top Rock'n'Roll Hits 1968 (1988)

Not sure about rock'n'roll hits, but there are some fun pop hits here for the Big Chill set.  This CD (compiled by Joel Whitburn and released by Rhino) is notable for its early entry into the CD compilation reissue market. The CD itself was re-released in 1993 with 4 different tracks and, one would hope, better liner notes. The compilation itself is first-rate; my only complaint is the 29 minute running time.

Your humble blogger turned two years old in 1968. Mom baked a chocolate sheet cake.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: Did not chart

Tracks, including Billboard Hot 100 chart peak:

Title Artist
I Heard It Through the Grapevine Marvin Gaye 1
Judy in Disguise (With Glasses) John Fred & His Playboy Band 1
Yummy Yummy Yummy Ohio Express 4
Green Tambourine The Lemon Pipers 1
Grazing in the Grass Hugh Masekela 1
Born to Be Wild Steppenwolf 2
Cry Like a Baby The Box Tops 2
Mony Mony Tommy James & The Shondells 3
Love Child Diana Ross & The Supremes 1
The Horse Cliff Nobles & Co. 2

I could hear Grazing In The Grass twice a day, every day, and never tire of it. And God help me, I love The Horse. It's also nice to have Green Tambourine, Judy In Disguise, and Cry Like A Baby on a CD.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD (blatantly self-plagiarized from the Rock Instrumental Classics, Vol. 4 post): The Horse is a classic in my mind because, where I grew up, all high school marching bands played an arrangement of it.  Many still do.

The archives here at blog headquarters contain a 45 single of The Horse on the Phil-L.A. of Soul label (filet of sole, get it?). I enjoy both sides of the single, the A-side with vocals, Love Is All Right, and the more famous B-side without.

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  1. Thanks for the memories. I've been feeling very nostalgic lately and thinking about life in Odessa.