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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Various Artists - California Soul: Funk & Soul From The Golden State 1967-1976 (2016)

UK Import

A fine compilation of soul tunes, many never before released in any format. Excellent liner notes from Dean Rudland, who also compiled the disc. I couldn't find much information on many of these acts, sadly.

Unfortunately for my retirement accounts, this is the sort of disc that gets me scrambling for others like it.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: Did not chart

Tracks: All tracks were new to me (and delightfully so), but I've marked a few favorites with a ✔.
(22 tracks, 67 minutes)

Choice Of  ColorsIf She Wants To Go1974
The Entertainers IV Just Ain't My Day1968
Brenda George What You See Is What You're Gonna Get1971
Union Strike1970
Z.Z. Hill Think People1971
Little Johnny Hamilton & The Soul Pack The Git Down (Part 1)1967
Little Johnny Hamilton & The Soul Pack The Git Down (Part 2)1967
Calif. Soul Explosion The Feeling1973
Jesse & Anita The Man (Y'all Keep On Watching You)1973
Chucky Thurmon Thank You For The Party1976
The Soul Sensations When I Had You, Baby1973
The Ballads Butterfly1975
The Natural Resources Unpolluted Funky With My Stuff1971
Eddie Horan I'm Gonna Speak Out1973
Little Denise Check Me Out1975
Warm Excursion (Terrible Three) Hang Up (Part 1)1970
Johnny Talbot & De-Thangs Pickin' Cotton1970
Alvin Robinson Tuned In, Turned On1969
Eleanor Rigby Is It Worth It All1975
The Douzer The Sneak1970
Vernon Green & The Medallions You Don't Know (The Damage You've Done)1973
Rulie Garcia Earthquake1971

All this for $10.99? Such a deal.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: I saw this ad on the television:

I was in the middle of a Northern Soul phase and was immediately captivated by the bassline and sparse but funky chorus. I spent hours online trying to figure out what the song was because my phone apps weren't recognizing it. Once I discovered it was "Check Me Out" by Little Denise (Stevenson), found it on this disc and immediately ordered it. 

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