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Friday, December 30, 2016

Chicago - Greatest Hits, Vol. II (1981)

A.K.A. Chicago XV

All but one of these songs have already appeared on the blog on another compilation, Only The Beginning: The Very Best Of Chicago.  But since the goal of the blog is to listen to all the CDs on the shelves, this one is getting a Friday morning spin.

The lone exception? Track 9, Gone Long Gone doesn't appear on Only The Beginning. This compilation primarily samples material from Chicago VIII through 1978's Hot Streets, though it also stretches back to pick up overlooked hits from the era first covered by the first greatest hits album.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: #171
Peak on Cash Box album chart: #158

Song Album  Year  Hot 100 
Baby What a Big SurpriseXI19774
Dialogue (Part II)V197224
No Tell LoverHot Streets197914
Alive AgainHot Streets197814
Old DaysVIII19755
If You Leave Me NowX19761
Question 67 & 68I196971
Happy ManVII1974-
Gone Long GoneHot Streets197973
Take Me Back to ChicagoXI197863

Missing Top 40 hit: Another Rainy Day in New York City (#32, 1976). Would I have preferred chronological sequencing and liner notes and credits? You betcha.

It's an understandably weaker album that the first greatest hits compilation, but Peter Cetera's soft rock contributions to the Chicago Ĺ“uvre are squarely in my wheelhouse, particularly Baby What A Big Surprise, No Tell Lover, and If You Leave Me Now. Hearing part 2 of Dialogue without the first part doesn't seem right, even though I prefer the latter half of that conversation. However, I can easily listen through the whole CD without skipping any tunes.

Billboard, November 11, 1981, p. 72

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: I'm flashing back to the hot summer Old Days, being introduced to these tunes on the AM radio. I had a friend whose much older sister listened to Chicago, so in my pre-teen mind, this was music the cool high school kids enjoyed so if I liked it, it would make me cool, too. Right?

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