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Friday, August 19, 2016

Marshall Crenshaw - Life's Too Short (1991)

From the opening guitar crunch, you know you're in for some quality tunes, but you already knew that when you saw it was a Crenshaw album. Why I don't own his entire catalog is a mystery, even to me, but I picked this up out of the used bin recently. On a side note: am I the only person that comes home from the used music store with a bundle of goods and immediately proceeds to wipe the album jackets and jewel cases with disinfectant wipes? I don't know where those things have been.

Anyway, I was familiar with the album opener, Better Back Off, from its inclusion in the stellar Rhino compilation The Best of Marshall Crenshaw, but the other 9 tracks were new to me. Long story short: I wish I had found this back in 1991 and now, 25 years later, I'm going to ride around town with this in my truck's CD player for a few weeks.

Rolling Stone, June 13, 1991, p. 116
And because I love to pick at low-hanging fruit: the title is Life's Too Short, but unfortunately, Crenshaw's mullet wasn't. Full disclosure: mine wasn't either, but it met it's demise around 1986.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: Did not chart

Tracks: In addition to Better Back Off, I'm digging the Smithereens-ish Don't Disappear Now, Delilah, Starting Tomorrow, and Everything's The Truth. There's nothing to skip here, even when Marshall tries his hand at grunge-lite with Face Of Fashion.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: None, but all Crenshaw albums have the same effect on me: at some point today, I'll be singing one of these songs while going about my business. Which song and in what context TBD.

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