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Friday, April 8, 2016

Victoria's Secret - Heavenly: Music for Angels (2002)

It would appear my wife got a free, Celtic-lite New Age CD as a bonus for buying bras. The best part of the CD is the cover photo.  Here's some actual Amazon reviews:
  • "'s one of my baby's bedtime CDs, and always seems to sooth him."
  • "...its [sic] great to fall asleep to."
  • "I use it during my massage therapy sessions"
  • "Nice music for veil dancing."
  • "I picked this up at a thrift store and play it in my foster kitten room. It is one of the most beautiful CDs I have found. Love it so much I ordered a second copy for the shelter cat room!!"
Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: Nuh-uh

Tracks: Nuh-uh

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: Nuh-uh

Previously revisited for the blog: Nuh-uh

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