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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Berlin - Pleasure Victim (1982)

For some reason, I didn't own this album as a teenager, but hearing the song Sex (I'm A...) over at my buddy Jim's house (along with the album sleeve photo and credits, below) definitely left a lasting impression on this guy.  When I placed this album at #61 on my list of the best albums of 1982, I wrote, "Everything about this synthpop album oozes sexuality - just what every 16 year old boy needs."

The band's lovely singer Terri Nunn joined Berlin in 1979 and temporarily left the group the following year to pursue an acting career.  For my money, her most memorable performance came as Jeannie in the disco-licious movie Thank God It's Friday (below).  She rejoined the group in the early '80s and this album was released in 1982.   For an actress, she doesn't have a bad voice (just kidding, Terri, call me!).  I guess the main point was to be young and sexy.  Mission accomplished.

Nunn (right) in the 1978 movie, Thank God It's Friday

Like much synthpop of the time, the focus here is on the medium (synths and LinnDrums) instead of the message (songwriting).  As a result, the album is a mixed bag with writing that's uneven at best.  Still, what works, works well and this one is worth pulling off the shelf every now and then.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart:  #30
Peak on Cash Box album chart: #28

Tracks:  To be honest, there's Sex (I'm A...), The Metro, and then everything else.  Of the five tunes that make up everything else, the best are Tell Me Why and Masquerade. 

My copy of the CD included a bonus track, the extended 8:10 version of Sex (I'm A...).  I'm not much for bonus tracks that are demos, but I'll gladly take extended versions of the album's best track.  The 7 track album only lasts around half an hour, the bonus track pushes the CD time to 38 minutes, so get it on the cheap if you need it.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD:  I have to admit that hearing Nunn moan the lyrics to Sex (I'm A...) takes me right back to being a randy 16 year old boy. Today, I can laugh off teenage sexual frustration as just a part of growing up, but I certainly didn't enjoy it at the time.

And I just spent the last 45 minutes watching Berlin on VH1's Bands Reunited.

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  1. Mark, I totally echo your sentiments on this record. A fine "coming of age in the 80's" record. Oh, and I am all in for another viewing of "Thank God It's Friday". :)