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Friday, July 11, 2014

The Best of Jimmy Smith: The Blue Note Years (1988)

A nice compilation from the pioneer jazz electric organist.  The seven numbers included here span the years 1958-86, but most come from around 1960.  Smith has a lot of legendary sidemen on these cuts (Kenny burrell, Art Blakey, Lee Morgan, Stanley Turrentine, etc.) but no matter who is playing, this band swings.  Playing the crap out of a Hammond B-3 organ, Smith's jam sessions were a trailblazing mix of jazz, R&B, and soul, paving the way for Booker T and the soul crowd that cribbed his style in the later '60s.  If the name Jimmy Smith is unfamiliar to you, this disc is a good place to start.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: did not chart

Tracks:  Most of the tracks are extended blues jams that last from eight to twenty minutes.  I'm digging all of 'em but I've giving special mention to the tunes Fungii Mama and Back At The Chicken Shack because of the titles (they're also two of the best cuts on the album).

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: None

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