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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Aradia - Possibilities:Light (2013)

Just got this 6 track EP in the mail the other day (evidently EPs are still a thing).  It's a new release from a Seattle-based singer songwriter who has coined the term "roktronika" to describe her music.  To me, this electropop dance music sounds a lot like a New Wave Robyn and that's a good thing.  The production on this release is very sterile, but that doesn't distract me too much because I'm hearing some songwriting that has a strong '80s vibe and you know that I dig that. Aradia mixes it up enough to maintain interest while getting me to do a little chair dancing. She's got other material on Spotify and her own website that I'll check out.  For a Pro Tools loops-based DIY joint, this is better than most, but I look forward to hearing what Aradia will able to accomplish with some big label money and big name production thrown at her material.

Tracks:  Of the 6 tracks here, I'm liking Trouble, On Fire, and Keep On.  The others are very repetitive and don't really stand up to active listening, but are good enough for the club. The only track I'm wanting to skip is Slow Ur Roll but that's because it uses the dreaded Auto-Tune technology's "Cher Effect".

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: None

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  1. Is it a duo? Does the wolf provide the instrumentation? If so, then I must adjust my rating accordingly.

    The Robyn reference intrigued me but after just one listen, I gotta say no thank you. This isn't Ellie Goulding who I really, really like or even Icona Pop who I ironically don't love. Sounds demo-ish through and through which I guess you were politely stating with your "big label money and big name production thrown at her material" comment.

    Wish I could Auto Tune this comment...