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Sunday, July 21, 2013

OK Go - Oh No (2005)

Yeah, I bought this CD because of the video for Here It Goes Again, what's your point?  It's a solid collection of New Wave-ish power pop.  I burned out on it quickly and don't listen to it anymore, which is probably a mistake since this is more or less "new" '80s music.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: #69

Tracks:  Most of the tracks start to sound the same to me after a while.  The first 5 tracks are all good, then, like many '80s albums, it starts to fall apart at the end, particularly It's A Disaster, Let It Rain, The House Wins and the final hidden track:

According to Newbury Comics, the hidden track is 35 minutes of singer Damian Kulash's girlfriend sleeping. It has been rumored the track was included to prevent the band's label from using the extra disc space for Digital Rights Management software.  That's fine if that's your cause, but it makes listening to the entire CD for this blog more of a chore than a pleasure.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD:  This CD got quite a workout on my drives to and from grad school classes in 2006, and while I liked the music, I never did any reading about the band or listened to anything else they released.  I guess I was too busy with that grad school mess.

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  1. "A Million Ways" brought me to this album through that little backyard video. Then I discovered "Here It Goes Again" and that video. Didn't even know my disc had a hidden bonus track until I went back and listened right now.

    Never cared for those silent bonus tracks - put disc in and display shows 77 tracks lasting 35 minutes. Or those tracks where two songs were seperated by long periods of silence during one CD track. Or the CDs that have a hidden song BEFORE track one. Just give me the music! (Love Easter Eggs on DVDs though:)

    Have since kept up with the band's output, both musically and visually. There is some inventive and creative stuff going on there. Never listened to that disc (or any disc for that matter) as much as you did this one so I guess I never burned out. Always enjoy it when it comes up on Shuffle.