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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

SHeDAISY - Brand New Year (2000)

My wife doesn't often ask for CDs, so whenever she does ask, she gets whatever she wants.  So she asked for this and I don't think I've heard it until today.  I don't know anything about this country music trio other than the fact that are attractive and their voices blend together well (from what I'm reading in the liner notes, I'm guessing the three are sisters).  What really catches my ear is the fact that country music produced around the year 2000 sounds a lot like '80s music with a steel guitars and fiddles in place of a horn section - we even get a song written by Richard Marx. The producer, Dann Huff, likes to throw in some Beatleseque production touches as well.  Yeah, it's a mixed bag and it falls apart after 6 or 7 tracks, mainly because of the quality of the material (obscure tunes from old Christmas movies are usually obscure for a reason).  I'm not looking to buy any more of this trio's album and I won't listen to this one too often, but it is a interesting change of pace from the usual Christmas fare.

Warning: after three minutes of silence, the last track contains a dreaded "hidden track."  Just list the damn track, people.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: #92 (Dec 23, 2000)

Tracks:  The girls give us a nice take on the seldom-heard tune, That's What I Want For Christmas, but they do some strange things to the other traditional Christmas tunes - sometimes they work, more often not.  Skip the originals Santa's Got A Brand New Bag and Twist Of The Magi.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: None

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