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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Various Artists - Music from the Motion Picture The Wedding Singer (1997)

I have most of these songs on other CDs, but I had to have a copy of The Presidents Of The United States Of America covering Video Killed The Radio Star, which turns out not to be creative enough to have warranted an album purchase.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: 5 (March 14, 1998)


It's a better-than-average '80s compilation and contains my all-time favorite Police tune, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. The first 20 seconds of How Soon Is Now? is the coolest lick The Smiths ever produced.  The VKTRS cover mentioned above is fairly straight-ahead; same tempo, same effects.  After a strong beginning and middle, the CD falls apart at the end with movie dialogue, Sandler singing, and then Granny ruining an otherwise classic (although horribly edited) track from Sugarhill Gang.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD:The movie is one of Sadler's better movies, but even then it's just OK.  I saw it when it first came out and spent the whole movie pointing out anachronisms to my wife (yeah, I was that guy and I'm embarrassed about that).  This CD is also bringing up non-specific memories of my 20th high school reunion.  I guess I'm trying to forget that night.  Curiously, the movie was turned into a stage musical with original songs.  I never saw it nor have I heard the cast recording; the show ran for 284 performances on Broadway in 2006.

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