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Thursday, August 16, 2012

John Mayer - Room For Squares (2001)

Instantly accessible and likable. A good debut which was released before Mayer started taking himself so seriously. This is Mayer the pop artist, not the bluesy guitarist, not the jam-band concert artist, not the worldly activist, and not the stand-up comedian. I prefer him in the pop artist role; when he focuses on pop songwriting, the boy can really write a hook. Back in 2001, he was often described as Dave Matthews without all the jam; he's since outgrown the Matthews comparisons (which were probably unwarranted even at that time). Mayer is probably more of a "greatest hits" artist, but since he hasn't released that CD yet, and this was available on the cheap at a used CD store, this CD got the nod. For me, I considered it to be good, new, pop music aimed squarely at the adult contemporary market (a market I entered when I was about 17 years old). I haven't bought any of his new music in quite a while, though. Have I outgrown the adult contemporary market? Say it ain't so!

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: #8 (March 15, 2003)

Tracks: Like most John Mayer albums, there are a few singles here that make you hate yourself for liking them. No Such Thing remains Mayer's best song. Also good are Why Georgia, Neon, and 83. I was never wild about the Grammy-winning Your Body Is A Wonderland, but I may have the wrong chromosomes for that. The first half of the the CD is definitely better than the second half, which tends to be more folksy, rainy-day music.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: When I was attending UH around 2005, my friend and classmate Blake walked with me over to the student center to grab some lunch. There was an attractive undergraduate student sitting alone in the cafeteria wearing a John Mayer t-shirt. Blake dared me to walk over to her and simply say, "Your body is a wonderland" and wait for a reaction. Unfortunately, I didn't have the courage to do that because if I had, I'd have a better story to share here.

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