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Friday, January 13, 2012

Various Artists - Leonard Bernstein's New York (1996)

Bernstein wrote many musicals, movie scores, and ballets based in New York City. This compilation pairs cabaret and stage singers, including Mandy Patinkin and Audra McDonald, with The Orchestra of St. Luke's conducted by Eric Stern. We get selections from On The Town, Wonderful Town, Fancy Free, On The Waterfront, and, of course, West Side Story. This CD doesn't get much play time around here because when I want to listen to West Side Story, I listen to West Side Story. Still, the performances are top-notch and these great works are a good introduction or tribute to Bernstein's theater works. Sadly, it also illustrates how far American musical theater has fallen in recent years. I've heard nothing new in years that can compare to even the weakest song here. There's an accompanying DVD for this CD, but I've never seen it. Doubt I'll get around to it soon. [note: I finally got around to watching the DVD over a year later on Feb 13, 2013.  Very campy.]

Tracks: The stronger material is from West Side Story, especially One Hand, One Heart. I also enjoy Ain't Got No Tears Left, which was inexplicably cut from On The Town, Come Up To My Place, and the all-hands-on-deck finale of New York, New York.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: None. I think I got this CD for 1¢ on eBay not long after it was released.

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