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Friday, December 9, 2011

Down To The Bone - The Urban Grooves (1999)

I always enjoy DTTB's acid jazz blend of jazz, funk, and '70s soul. This is one of the group's better releases. The "grooves" mentioned in the title refer to more than the feel of the music, it also alludes to grooves in a vinyl LP. The cover and the liner note pics are all about record stores and record sleeves. Heck, even the CD itself is designed to look like a vinyl LP (see below). Even though the soloing is top-notch, this music isn't old school Blue Note vinyl, but you can hear those old school influences against a heavy dance beat. Warning: this music has been known to cause office chair dancing in certain bloggers.

Tracks: Like most of the group's music, I like all the tracks. Sure they all sound the same, but if you dig that sound, what's the problem? I'm slightly partial to Yo Man It's Herbie because of its use of a Hohner Clavinet sound, which immediately takes you back to the '70s.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: None, DTTB simply provides me with quality background music.

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