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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Earl Klugh Trio - Volume One (1991)

Klugh usually records smooth jazz, but here he turns up his chops and puts out a great set of straight-ahead jazz. Mostly standards, but also some Latin and show tunes as well. It's a nice change of pace for Klugh. I was unfamiliar with bassist Ralph Armstrong, but he proves he's a great player on these tracks. Everything here is well done: tasteful playing, good material, quality arrangements. If you like acoustic guitar trios, this music is sure to be a hit at your next cocktail party.

Tracks: The album opens with a fun take on the theme song from the TV show Bewitched. Don't skip any tracks, but pay particular attention to I'll Remember April, I Say A Little Prayer, Night And Day, Lonely Girl, and One Note Samba.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: If I see a Klugh CD in the used bin, I pick it up. I found this one earlier this year at Half Price Books. I'll be buying Volume Two when I see it.

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