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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Richard Elliot - The Best Of (2000)

The first thing a record label does when an artist moves to another label is to release a greatest hits album to make a last bit of money from their recordings. In 2000, smooth jazz saxophonist left Blue Note for GRP, so we get this uneven bit of jazz. Tracks taken from his albums between the years 1988-99. The most uneven thing about this release is the production, which seems to greatly affect Elliot's sound. Curiously, when Elliot himself produces, his sax tone is worse than when others produce.

Tracks: Most of the 16 tracks are pleasant enough for background music, but I always want to skip the over-the-top ballads, including his big hit covers of When A Man Loves A Woman, Here And Now, and, of course, Over The Rainbow, which I've already had to suffer through in this project (click here for more details about that). I normally dislike a token vocal track on an otherwise instrumental album, but I like the Bobby Caldwell track included here, In The Name Of Love. Also good are The Power Of Suggestion and, surprisingly, a cover of 10cc's 1975 hit, I'm Not In Love.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: none

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