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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Various Artists - D.J. Mix 97 Vol. 1 (1996)

I think it has been well established on this blog that I went through a dance/house music phase around 1997. This is an embarrassing artifact of that phase, but I'm going to have fun listening to it this morning. Clocking in at almost an hour, this compilation consists of 14 overlapping tracks of non-stop dance remixes - some from groups I had actually heard of! Not much use for this now, but it might be good for a cardio workout or cleaning the house music. As LeoStanley states in his review on, "While the album is fine for parties, it doesn't display much imagination or musical depth, making it a bit of a tedious listen." I will give MC Mario his due: the mixes are really good even if the material is sometimes weak.

Tracks: DJ Girl by Katalina made me smile. I also enjoyed hearing Jellyhead by Crush for the first time in 10 years. The unbearable tracks include Automatic Lover by Real McCoy, We've Got It Goin' On by The Backstreet Boys (newsflash: they really didn't have it goin' on), and Route 401 butchering U2's New Years Day [sic]. The set ends with 4 minutes of the incessantly ubiquitous Macarena, which is always painful, even if you're drunk and doing the dance at a wedding reception.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: I know I bought this CD just for DJ Girl, but I can't remember where I would have been introduced to that song.

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