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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dario G - Sunchyme (1997)

CD Single

Yet another CD dance single from 1997. I don't know if Dario G is a DJ or a dance band and I really don't care. They might just have this one song. It's a catchy dance song that's basically an instrumental remix (with some synthesized steel drums) of Life In A Northern Town, the '80s hit for The Dream Academy. So what we have here are remixes of a remix.

7 versions, 49 minutes of Sunchyme. They all pretty much sound the same. I like this song, but c'mon. Lots of bass drum and "Hey-ya-ma-ma-ma, hey-doo-ay-da-nayah." The only mix that sounds remotely different from the others is track 5, Remapped By Coloured Oxygen, which speeds up the tempo, but basically sounds like me playing with a Casio keyboard I bought for $20 at Wal-Mart.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: For some reason, I'm reminded of a BCHS band bus ride to a football game in December 1997. Students might have had this playing on the bus?

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