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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Everything But The Girl - Acoustic (1992)

Really two EPs. The first 5 tracks are acoustic covers of songs by Springsteen, Costello, Tom Waits, etc. The last 6 tracks are acoustic re-dos of the duo's own music. Put together, they make for a nice, relaxing album. For the most part, it's simply two voices, a guitar, and a piano. This was around the time that acoustic concerts were becoming increasingly popular (MTV Unplugged, anybody?). Tracey Thorn doesn't have the greatest voice, but it is well-suited to the group's calm style. A few years after this album, they completely abandoned that calm style for drum-and-bass thumping dance remixes. That's when they lost me, but I can still enjoy this.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: Did not chart

Tracks: The covers of Love Is Strange and Elvis Costello's Alison are top notch. The other covers are just average. I've never liked the Cyndi Lauper song Time After Time and the version included here does nothing to change that opinion. Of the group's originals, I like the songs Driving and Come On Home.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: Nothing comes to mind for this particular CD, but when I listen to EBTG, I think of Carla and James because they're big fans of the group.

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