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Monday, January 10, 2011

Various Artists - Rock On 1984 (1996)

I'm not sure how many years were in this series because this is the only one I own. 1984 was a good year for me. Not sure, but I probably bought this CD for the songs I Feel For You, Solid, and Miss Me Blind.

  • Missing You - John Waite: Peaked at #1.  I prefer Waite's earlier work, but this isn't a bad single.
  • I Feel for You - Peaked at #3.  Chaka Khan: this song hasn't aged well, but I absolutely loved it in 1984. Written by Prince, rap by Melle Mel, harmonica solo by Stevie Freakin' Wonder. I have to admit to dancing to it right now.
  • Hold Me Now - Peaked at #3.  Thompson Twins: Great song. Reminds me of driving in my car listening to the Into The Gap cassette during the spring of my senior year in high school.
  • Sunglasses at Night - Corey Hart: Peaked at #7.  I can take it or leave it. Today I feel like leaving it.
  • We Belong - Pat Benatar: Peaked at #5.  I was never really a Benetar fan.
  • Magic - The Cars: Peaked at #12.  I only liked two songs from the Heartbeat City album - Hello Again and this song.
  • I Can Dream About You - Dan Hartman: Peaked at #6.  I don't think much of this song, but it reminds me of getting into a club in Dallas (Monopoly?) with a fake ID because it was playing when we entered the club.
  • Rock Me Tonite - Billy Squier: Peaked at #15.  Not Billy's best effort. The title is ironic since the song doesn't rock much.  The video is widely accepted as one of the worst of all-time and is credited with ending Squier's career.
  • Solid - Ashford & Simpson: Peaked at #12.  A guilty pleasure for me.
  • Strut - Sheena Easton: Peaked at #7.  I haven't heard this in a while. Not bad. It's a long way from her single Morning Train. I remember her as Crockett's girlfriend on Miami Vice.
  • Miss Me Blind - Culture Club: Peaked at #5.  I really liked this song when it was released. Some of my friends played in a cover band called Cambrai and they played this song once when I was at a club called Elvira's in BC.
  • Breakdance - Irene Cara: Peaked at #9.  #9?  Really?  I never heard this song before I bought this CD. I have no need to hear it again.
Personal Memory Associated with this CD: Different songs have different memories (see above).

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