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Friday, January 28, 2011

Anita Baker - Compositions (1990)

In the late '80s - early '90s, I listened to Anita Baker all the time. So smooth. What makes this CD different from other R&B releases of the time is its low-tech approach: Baker insisted that a live rhythm section be used for the tracks and she refused to use a drum machine. Of course, Baker's voice just soars above it all. As a result, this music hasn't aged a bit. After 1986's Rapture, this is my second favorite Baker disc.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: #5 (Aug 25, 1990)
Peak on Billboard's R&B albums chart: #3

Tracks: There are many great cuts on this disc, including Talk To Me, Soul Inspiration, Lonely, No One To Blame, and Fairy Tales (my personal fav). One of the weaker cuts is Whatever It Takes. Love You To The Letter isn't a bad song, it just seems oddly out of place on this particular disc.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: I've been racking my brain, but I can't come up with anything specific.

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