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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Various Artists - Moonlighting: The Television Soundtrack Album (1987)

I really liked this TV series, but haven't seen an episode since the '80s. I normally wouldn't have purchased this release on CD since I didn't even bother buying an LP version back in the '80s, but I had to have a digital version of Since I Fell for You recorded by Bob James, David Sanborn, and Al Jarreau. This cut is so good, it alone is worth the price of the CD. Nowadays, I would have just downloaded the single track from iTunes, but that wasn't an option when I purchased this CD. So I purchased this CD because I thought, in addition to Since I Fell for You, it would be nice to have a recording of the Al Jarreau theme.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: #50 (Aug 29, 1987)

Tracks: this may be the most inconsistent compilation CD in my collection. I've already written about the Jarreau cuts, this CD also includes a few R&B standards: Chubby Checker's Limbo Rock, The Isley Brothers' This Old Heart of Mine, and Percy Sledge's When I Man Loves a Woman. The CD ends with a couple of quality standards, exquisitely performed: Linda Ronstadt singing Someone to Watch Over Me (Nelson Riddle arrangement) and Billie Holiday singing Stormy Weather (wow). By far, the worst part of the CD is tracks 4, 5, & 6 when series stars Cybill Shepard and Bruce Willis try to contribute. Big mistake, guys, although it doesn't seem to have hurt your careers. Bruce, don't try to sing R&B on the same disc as Percy Sledge. And Cybill, don't try to sing Blue Moon on the release where there's a number by Billie Holiday. However, I can't say enough about this version of Since I Fell for You. Highly recommended.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: None with this CD, but I remember watching the TV series in college. It was one of the few TV series I watched in college (along with The Equalizer and L.A. Law). I couldn't watch a lot of TV because I always spent my evenings practicing. ;)


  1. Great show, though it frayed as the years went on.

    The album did disappoint as a whole but the tracks you mentioned as standouts definitely compensated.

    Lenny Welch's original "Since I Fell For You" has always been a hauntingly romantic song in my book and the cover does it more than justice.

    I'm on season 1, disc 3 this week and probably next week as well. Love the show but I like to lay on couch and watch it, undistracted. soaking it all in.