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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Various Artists - Blue Note Plays The Beatles (2004)

This Blue Note compilation came out in 2004, but the songs were released between 1964 - 1996.

  • Can't Buy Me Love - Stanley Turrentine (1964): This song actually works as a swing cover. Lee Morgan and McCoy Tyner steal the show.
  • Yesterday - Lee Morgan (1966): the unusual instrumentation and bossa beat don't really suit this song. The ending is criminal.
  • Norwegian Wood - Buddy Rich (1967): what a fantastic arrangement in classic jazz waltz style. Rich's drumming keeps the whole big band moving forward. High energy. Live recording.
  • Hello Goodbye - Bud Shank w/Chet Baker (1967): this is bad. Really bad. Chet was in bad shape then, plus the arrangement is substandard.
  • A Day in the Life - Grant Green (1970): you wouldn't think this song would lend itself to a jazz cover, but somehow they pull it off mainly because of the organ playing of Emmanuel Riggins. At 9 minutes, it goes on a bit too long; everybody gets a solo.
  • Eleanor Rigby - Stanley Jordan (1984): typical Jordan fare. If you like his stuff, you'll like this. Doodle, doodle, doodle...
  • Blackbird - Tony Williams (1991): this is one of the better cuts on the CD. I like the pairing of soprano sax and muted trumpet.
  • I've Just Seen a Face - Holly Cole (1996): my favorite song on the CD. This song seems to work well at any tempo.
  • And I Love Her - Kevin Hays (1996): I like Hays' modal take on the changes during his solo, but overall I'm indifferent to this piano trio track.
  • Come Together - Dianne Reeves & Cassandra Wilson with Bob Belden (1996): More of a pseudo-funk attempt which sounds more like something out of California in the early '80s than NYC in the mid '90s. Good idea, poor execution.
  • Drive My Car - Bobby McFerrin (1988): I like this cover. McFerrin overdubs his voice and creates a nice a capella take while not losing any forward momentum.
Personal Memory Associated with this CD: None

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