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Monday, October 18, 2010

Human League - Secrets (2001)

You can never have enough '80s music, even in the year 2001. This CD could easily be one of Human League's best. Instead of trying something new, they've gone back to their old analog synths and created something that I want to hear - '80s music! There's nothing on the disc that would have sounded out of place on a vinyl LP in 1985, and that's a good thing. I read that after recording this release, the group auctioned off the synths used on this disc; that's too bad. I would hope for more of the same. If you liked Dare, you'll like this disc.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: Did not chart

Tracks: My two favorites are Shameless and Reflections, but I think its a disc that is very listenable from start to finish (if you like synthpop). The songwriting is remarkably good, but the lyrics are typical League stuff (what do you expect from synthpop? Shakespeare?!?).

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: I listened to this CD often after I purchased it online. It kept me company as I drove to work in El Maton or to graduate classes that were inexplicably held at the El Campo public library. Of course, I would sing along to the songs, which made me appreciate classic lyrics such as: "You're like a cocktail set Attilla/A kind of halcyon guerrilla"

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